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About me

My artistic journey began over two decades ago when I created my very first sculpture for a couple of friends. That's when I realized the power of transforming fine-meshed net into artistic creations. Since then, I've filled my life with creativity, and from my studio in Husum, my works now reach customers all over the world.

My signature is using hard and shapeless net to create soft bends and folds. By experimenting with color, putty, and gold leaf, I've expanded my artistic palette to enhance impressions and create contrasts and depth. I work with various types of iron mesh, such as copper, galvanized, and untreated iron. The process is an art in itself – I cut it to the desired size and gradually shape the net by pressing, stretching, and bending it to achieve the desired result. Each sculpture is thus a unique creation, impossible to replicate exactly.

My works are found in homes and businesses around the world; my commissions range from creating a gift for a wedding to crafting something unique in a hotel lobby. Examples and reference projects can be found under the Projects tab.

Welcome to my world of art, where each sculpture carries a unique story and strength. Thank you for sharing the artistic journey with me!

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I pack each sculpture carefully and with great care, so they reach you with the highest quality!


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All artworks and products are created in my studio or in our small-scale production in Örnsköldsvik, Sweden.